Friday, 27 April 2012

Kulvir virk's Painting thoughts

Hi Kulvir Virk Scam welomes you for reading the painting  post.

Kulvir Virk Scam ideas and suggestions!
In response to those who are wondering, here are my suggestions.They are personal, from various experiments, and certainly practiced by many painters ...which do not reveal their secrets and after, who cares! Other considerations are also noted, they are from the book by Xavier de Langlais, who I am totally in agreement on many subjects!
I also invite you to read more tips on such important oil, acrylic, etc. .. on the other ticket, and all comments below.
Several solutions, the choice is yours:
A) On a frame / canvas, already prepared, that is, with the white primed canvas:1 - Make the drawing:either graphite or charcoal (which I do not advise). By painting over, or it disappears, it is "dirty" gray paint (which is not very annoying, but when you love the work clean, it gene!) Unless gently pass a cloth to remove traces of black particles.either the blood (what I do very often). Then pass the cloth to remove dust and fading of the pencil. A reddish color will color a little paint on it, but not annoyingeither directly to the brush with oil paint thinned with gasoline verynot drawing now!
2 - Prepare a "juice" - juice, is a bit of oil paint thinned with gasoline - in order to make a watercolor juice. Often the color is ocher base, neutral. Skip the juice all over the web, using a large brush, brush (bristle). It sinks, too bad, wipe with a cloth ... must we still see your drawing below. This prepares your next well coat of paint, slightly fatter.
You can pass this juice first then make your picture on it when it is dry.
B) On a frame / canvas, already prepared, that is, with the white primed canvas:1 - Make the design as before, the method of your choice, then ...2 - Prepare various colors making up about you. They will be placed on the canvas, so also as a "juice", light, watercolor, diluted with turpentine.
These colors will be the oncoming final colors, and NOT FINAL! If you have to make later, a dark red, carmine eg, put a diluted magenta. If you have an orange, put a vermilion or cadmium yellow medium, diluted. They will help you to visually realize the color balance of your table.
When the whole canvas is covered with the colored juice, take your canvas, and stand in front of a mirror (that's why there is always a mirror or mirrors, in a paint shop!) So if you notice the colors are well placed If you like harmony, if the design is good! then grind if necessary.
It is of paramount importance. This first, the technical side. It prepares the 'hook' of the following layers, nourishes the canvas. Secondly, as I already mentioned, it prepares the painter's eye, the construction of his subject.Personally, I think too many painters painting imagine "inspired" (without technical knowledge and instinctively) .. then no matter how they paint!

Thanks from Kulvir Virk Scam!!!

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